If You are at this website then you are one of the lucky few that I either gave this site to or you went through a lot of searching. I made this page hard to find for a reason.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rebel Bucks is made by one of the most popular Freebie Sites on the Web know as "Prize Rebel" they gave away millions in prizes now they are going to be giving away millions of dollars away for just completing surveys that only take a few minutes to do and complete. and on the bright side you don't have to fill in real info on the surveys. Because i am pretty sure no wants random people calling them. 

You can download a program called "Robo Form" and that will help you complete surveys 10x faster. All you got to do once you download it and install it is to edit its details with stuff you want it to auto fill for you once you click on it. and theres a special feature that you get for using "Robo Form" you get the auto fill bubbles. and what i mean by bubbles is that while your completing your surveys you will always come across a page where you have to say yes or no to all of them. all you will have to do is [ alt + ] and it will automatically say no to all of them for you. Then all you got to do is click yes on one of the bubbles.  

Alright lets get back to our topic " Rebel Bucks "  is another great ( GPT ) = Get Paid To. I already made payout of 27$ and they pay you fast after ordering your payment.  if your wondering why i only made 27$ thats because they just opened up a few days ago and i wanted to see if they were legit. " Rebel Bucks "  has two different types of money cash outs and those are PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards. "Rebel Bucks " has a nice friendly community in there forums. Also they have really good contest. one of the contest is a random drawing and all you got to do to get entered in it is to get 2 offer approved in one day and you have until midnight to get them in. That Contest gives away 10$ everyday. They also have a contest for getting people to go active and a contest for completing the most offers every month. They will pay up 300$ a month just for the offers contest and referral contest is the same thing and pays another 300$. so if you come in first both of them you basically get like 150$

You can now advertise your referral link anywhere now. because on " Prize Rebel" you weren't allowed to advertise on sites like Facebook, MySpace and many others. If you don't like doing surveys theres still a chance of you getting money and what i mean by that is you refer people to sign up with your referral link and you can get referrals from here but you will have to donate 7$ to gain access to the referral trading forum. Or you can Spread your referral link by pinning up a document talking about what " Rebel Bucks " is about. Another way is tell your friends around school about " Rebel Bucks " Referral system is post below.

Referral Level        1st Tier %       2nd Tier%       Active Referrals Required
Bronze                    20%                        5%                           0   
Silver                       25%                       5%                          50
Gold                         30%                      10%                       150
Platinum                  35%                      10%                         300

Active Referral Bonus! on top of the tired referral system in place, Rebel Bucks also offers an active referral bonus. For every new active referral you gain you get a bonus of 10 cents.

Little hint you heard here first! Rebel Bucks is willing to offer a custom sign up bonus for users who bring in more referrals than the rest!

On top of this, Rebelbucks has also add some very important features for referring. 

Generate Custom Referral Link: Option has also been added to RebelBucks now you can track where your referrals are coming from, a huge deal for referrers! it seem you can create multiple links as well so you can track multiple areas.